Episode 1 – Intro

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  • Karim


    Nah man this is not twisting things around to meet his own interest ..Its more of linking things together to make people understand the ugly truth of the evil minds that decieve people and brainwash them ;) to comprehend that Satan(genie) disobeyed God’s order that’s why he is down here on earth to twist people around and make them sinful so he could take them hell too ..Satan and his followers are going to burn in hell for eternity whether you believe it or not…The people that produced these videos had put so much effort in linking things together to make human beings understand the bigger picture and not dwell in the bullshit media presents!…These people deserve the best for speaking truth, being honest and positive and I support all Muslims, christian and jews who abide by the rules of our ONE GOD which is the QURAN and the REAL AHADITH not the fake ones!

  • Karim

    Sound Man

    Well let me tell you how it goes here ..first of all many hollywood actors dont get whats going on around us cause they are blinded by many factors..You should understand that hollywood actors get paid for acting not for revealing truth..Big bosses of hollywood are the ones that practice satanism and through their actors they control the world with their own poison..Cropping out scenes done by actors and linking them to this issue is a smart thing to do and its not disrespectful to actors and simply it shows you whats happening behind curtains by satanics..God gave us orders and explained almost everything ..The things that weren’t explained we are not supposed to know because God is the one that created the universe and its people so we should not question God of the unknown cause he knows BEST! ..God is the only one that knows the unknown and nobody will know it no matter how many scientists or experts are hired to understand certain things..God blessed us with a guideline to go by ..anyway Im writing this cause as a human being who believes in the holy books sent by god I should speak truth and be honest no matter the consequences..At the end of the day christians,jews and muslims who abide by the Rules of our Real God and only one are the only winners..While the rest of the human beings who are brainwashed and controlled by the evil minds of people will surely loose their life and after life so it their loss!

  • khairur
    New study by reputable university agreed that we are being brainwashed by the media every day. Read the link.
    Thank you

  • azani

    why does he (it) has to be called Antichrist in the first place by the Christian church if not firm up Christ’s position?

  • Ahmad


  • Thoufi ahmed

    Its really nice of ya ppl 2 hav done wateva ya hav done … But some ppl dont agree with this n i dunno wat M8 b the reason … We hope ya continue the work n publish even more n better evidences ….. May Allah b widcha always ….

  • SM

    This is absolutely amazing. As I’ve continued the episodes further on, I’ve really started to realize how much sense all of this makes. I think u (who put all of this together) are beyond talented and will be rewarded for your courage to guide the people who may have gone astray, to the righteous path.. Inshallah.

  • Mostaffa

    assalomoe alaikom,
    First of all wat you have shown us in this magnificant work is beutiful. alhomdou lillah.

    But there is one thing i want to comment abouth.
    all the links and the satanic way to manupilate people is treu.
    But i have seen some objectives that are linked with the coran wich i can say is not always as you say it is.
    Like you sed that Dejjil wil rest 40 days on earth 1day like year ,1day like a month ,1day like a week and the rest as !!! normal days. but yoy have related those days to heavenly days way is the rest of the last 37days brought back in relation with earthly days.If allah is speaking of heavenly days that wil mean that all the 40 days wil be heavenly days.
    Wat i want to say is my brother is 80% of the work you did here is perfect and right you have opend our minds. But in some ocasions you must not bring things that out our view as humanbeings is totaly different than the ahadith and quranic meanings.
    Before you bring things togheter first prefer to the words of quran and then interpret them with hadith wich is the practisation and explanations of the words of God. After that if you find the same conclusion than you bring it to us as a vision we can understand. i hope you did understand wat i try to explain to you wajazaka Allah with this magnificant work.

  • Ehsen Naveed Irfan

    My question is for the administration; sir, what are your views about The Revivals Series ?

    Looking Forward, as many of us are waiting..


  • marwa

    im very very happy with this vide’s a friend of me send it to me and i have very much te learn of it thank you very much.

    my mind is so changed that i even were a hijab now and im realy trying to do things good if you understand what im saying

    (sorry for the bad lines haha im not from england im from Holland )

    the people of this video’s did very good work!!

    greetz marwa

  • Omar

    To Karim:

    You think the actors don’t know what’s up?

    That’s just NICHOLAS CAGE. If I went through all the big-name actors, it would take me days just to obtain all the links/information.


    Pure from da heart, TRU 2 da bone.
    Keep puttin a ‘K’ to that ILLUMINATI shit.
    Bless those who shake others awake.
    Project Bluestream da new 9/11 in 2012? Please reply!

    ’till I flee computerchips I gotta deal with brothers flippin’

  • Zainab

    Everything said in the episodes is confirmation of what our grandparents have been preaching to us since we were children. It is amazing how wise our elders were given the fact that they could not even read or write!

  • muslim and proud

    i swear to god this freaked me out… b3 this i was a freaking nolife hanging around with nonmuslims who smoked, drinked and went after girls (zinaa) and im only 14… yea i know what a lot of u thinks when reading that im 14… but i want the previlege to know about WFH happens around me.
    but otherwise i got really much closer to islam by reading, watching videos and by stuying about this… the only thing i gotta say is…. STAND UNITED … dont let em come near you… if u wanna be fan of some rappers…. then let it be native deen… EASIEST WAY TO Qonquer fear…. turn on some quraan at home…. :D mashallah great web… and im sure that its the Stupid govorment whos trying to sabotage ur website… Keep it up…. yallah …. salaam…

  • Derick

    Thanks for the series. My mind has been freed….

  • D

    I really like this project, but I think you guys contradicted urselves a lil. just the part wer ur saying Jesus is not the son of God. u say Christians n Muslims are serving one God so obviously u guys wud believe in the bible too cos Christians read the bible.. so saying that Jesus isnt the Son of God kind of contradicts what ur saying cos in John 3:16 it says “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, for whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life”

  • D

    and John 14:6 Jesus says “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me”

    How do u guys explain that?

    and u guys are saying that the devils mission is “to distroy the bible without burning it” why wud he wanna distroy it if it’s already saying lies..

    and why did they say the wanna distroy The Quran? im really sorry if i spelt that wrong im getting confused with all these words… but yeh hope u know what i mean

  • D

    i meant why isnt distroying The Quran part of their mission? why just The Bible?…

  • Sayyad

    First the satanist know that Jesus(phuh) is coming and He is the spiritual leader, and destroying means changing bible not burning books. and they cannot destroy Quran because Allah has promised to protect Quran.
    As in Aayat-ul-Kursi, not every thing is in human’s hand even with the help of satan.
    He is the creater and satan is the creation, So he can only do such thing that are allowed and fulfill the prophecy…

  • Amy

    It’s Weird How When You Take A $20 Bill, And Fold It In A Specific Way It’ll Show The World Trade Centers, And It Looks Like Smoke, Like It’s Been Hit.
    What A Coincidence…?

  • Lord Vader

    Jazakh Allah for the Videos

  • Amin Abbas

    Assalam Aleikum, Aleikum to fellow brothers and sisters in Islam and Salaam to those who are yet to embrace Islam. I would to correct my second quote yesterday (Al- Araf 7:179) “They have hearts with which they do not understand, they have eyes with which they do not see and they have ears with which they do not hear. Those are like livestock; rather they are more astray. It is they who are heedless.”

  • Karwan Khursheed

    OMG Its an eye opener.

    Its all true satan is dragging people in the name of Music art and culture.

  • Karwan Khursheed

    After waching this Video We need to remember the verses of the Qoran from Surah Luqman

    ” O mankind! Be afraid of your Lord (by keeping your duty to Him and avoiding all evil), and fear a Day when no father can avail aught for his son, nor a son avail aught for his father. Verily, the Promise of Allah is true, let not then this (worldly) present life deceive you, nor let the chief deceiver (Satan) deceive you about Allah.”"

    Allah here is warning to all human being either ,muslim ,christian, jews, pagan or atheist to save yourself from the hell fire.

  • john dow

    I think YOU, are descriminating other religions, and i think ISLAM IS A SATANIC RELIGION, because lets face it, the facts are their.Muslims cause havoc through out the world, i think SHAITAN or whatever you guys call the devil is within your religion,Muslims will feel the wrath of god when the time comes, you will see.And another thing i dont see the point where you compared religions to their hardships, you indirectly portrayed religions such as hinduism as a non prosecuted religion, so what? only prosecuted religions are meant to be religion? just because jesus was tortured and enslaved by the romans suddnely christianity becomes a PROPER religion? let me ask you this, has islam faced hardships??? hmmmmmm you dont know a god damn thing, let god be the judge of that, what your doing is HARAM! may all you muslims burn in hell and suffer from the hands of the holy shaitan.

  • mahdi

    hi brothers and sisters
    thank u for all peoples who made this sireise
    god bless you
    it was really excellent
    thank god that i live in the country that its people are those who will be the mahdi soldiers!
    i give this series to all my familly and friends!

  • oj

    this is seriously the biggest load of crap ever. While I agree that we are being brainwashed and that the world is most likely run by a few powerful family, you CANNOT make the leap between that and the arrival of the antichrist. NONONONO! cant be done. first of all you have to prove there is an antichrist, second you have to prove there was a christ!!! I mean GET REAL its a 2000 year old fairy tale!!! just because there are memes of the all seeing eye or the lion and unicorn on shields does not mean that there is ANY sort of supernatural. Lay off the weed boys.

  • morteza

    assalamo alaykom u brothers & sisters
    the series are too good.i recieved them from one of my was like a candle in the darkness n made my mind holy qoran ALLAH says ALLAZINA JAHADU FINA LANAHDIYANNAHOM SOBOLANA.good luck n we are ready to meet IMAM MAHDI(poh)

  • ahmad

    What about sikhism? You didnt say anything about the best religion.



  • abdul

    please take notice of the person john dow who the sent the message on 29th january 2011 at 3;16,i seriously think he is one of them,the satanist,he spells shaitan in capitals but the almighty in small letters.

  • Mo

    why “the arrivals” is not in IMDB or wikipedia!?

  • aj

    hey!! im really impressed… i want to share this with others, how can i download this??

  • Niggerhater123

    I think we should just remove all the niggers off the face of the planet and all our problems would go away dont ya think ???

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