Episode 23 – Materialism And The Battle Within


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  • syamsul

    this episode really wake me up….and how i can download this vid?thanks..

  • charlienecro

    i was told years ago…beauty is, as beauty does

  • dzul

    Assalam. Ive been watch ur episode for 4days straight and until now this one really makes me open up my self, and my mind about dunya… Astagfirullah… I wanted to download all your episode but i coudnt find a way to download it with mac. Can you assist me. Wud like to spread it all out to the world.

    This episode really wake me up…

  • mingda

    From what I have seen, from what I have understand from your videos, all these truth… I am Shock about all these things happening..

  • Azhar

    Great work.
    this is all the true.
    How can i download the video?
    i can only put the link into my facebook profile
    but not the video.

    btw,thanks for the great revealed.
    May Allah be with us and lead us to His lights.

  • Night.Star

    Hey everyone… i keep seeing comments where people want to download the episodes but are unable to do so. You can simply download the latest version of real player on ur PC and once its installed… you will get an automatic option on any video link if u wanna download it… either u can right-click on the video and see the download video option or u can just move the cursor of ur mouse to the video and the option would pop out. hope that info helps.

  • Rockz

    Downloading :

    1st-download mozilla firfox

    2nd- Download Add-ons for facebook

    In this site, u will see a section ‘Firefox Addon’ below Description, just click the Add to Firefox button. After this, the Facebook video download Addon will be installed. Then, after activating the addon, u will see that when u click a video link in facebook, several other buttons will appear. 1 of them is “Download”.

    It can be applied for this too.I hope it works with you as it works with mine….
    Try out,inshaAllah it will start working……..


  • Safia Asfand

    Assalam o Alaikum. Epsiode 23, another remarkable episode. An excellent method of awakening people. May Allah bless you and all of us ameen.

  • fearlessfalcon

    Asalamu alaikum

    download orbit downloader from the following link, get it installed and u can download videos from any site, including this one.

  • Bi ism Allaah

    Maa shaa Allaah! May Allaah reward you for these episodes and for reminding us to open our eyes and realise in what kind of world we’re living in Subhan Allaah. May Allaah protect us and our brothers and sisters from the influences of the shaytaan. Ameen

    May the peace and blessings of Allaah be with you

  • .Holland

    Salaamu alaykum

    i just want to say; itaq Allaah, fear Allaah. I saw the part of the naked women and i wonder why are you showing us these images of haraam? As muslims we all have to keep away from these haraam images and now you just let us watch this. And you as muslim brothers you also watched it and decided to place it in your video and show it to others, may Allaah forgive us for looking at these images of haraam.

    This is just an advice; i know you’re triying to wake us up and reveal the truth but as muslims you’ll have to keep it halaal and turn away from the sins and not letting the watchers commit a sin by watching the haraam images in you videos.

    I also want to say keep up the good work, i’ve learned a lot from these videos.

    Wassalaam alaykum

  • Imran Dewan

    Thanks to those who are doing what they can to make us understand what truly the world is about…i am a muslim, i pray, i preach, and yet i am doing the work of the satan….thank guys for opening my senses, now i will only focus on whats best for ISLAM and for ALL MUSLIMS around the world

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