Episode 39 – The Prophet’s Lineage


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  • Amir

    Do people agree, if I say, that Allah decides ages? If it is Allahs will, a man can live as long as Allah wishes! Noah lived for 960 years. We muslims believe that Jesus is still living, so why should Imam Al Mahdi not live more than a thousand years, if it is Allahs will?

    And to all the people that call shiamuslims kuffar, have you ever studied the 12 imams life? Do you know the background of any imam!? If not, then you are nothing but childish (jahala). Study the life of each and every imam before calling shiamuslims kuffar. I think this video is great. Instead of saying “Oh man, shiamuslims made this”, try to discover why all the imams were murdered! Is it a coincedence? Why don’t you do as the prophet (pbuh) said, and hold fast to the Quran and the prophets household? Have you ever read Sahih Muslim book nr. 3 page 1453? The prohpet (pbuh) tells us, that there will be 12 khalifs efter him, all of them from Quraish! Who are these 12 khalifs? And to all you people you say that the prophet (pbuh) was not allowed to handle Imam Ali the caliphate, why did Abu Bakr give Omar the caliphate? Was he allowed to do something the prophet was not allowed to? Instead of beeing so pessimistic, go search the truth! Open your mind! You’ve opened your mind and agreed with The Arrivals so far, but when it comes to your faith, you don’t want to hear it? How can you expect cristains ans jews to agree, if you don’t even allow yourself to search the truth, and agree too? This shows us, that many people watching The Arrivals has not even got the point yet! You’re still not open minded, you just heard something you WANTED to hear, but now it’s not funny anymore!

  • Mohamed

    In the Name of Allah The Most Gracious Most Merciful

    Hi peace and blessings be upon you all. First off I’d like to start and correct my brother Amir. Prophet Nuh{p.b.u.h.}lived 950 years the reason why I wanted to correct him is that number is very important. Second as to the question of are blessed Mahdi may he be with us soon God Willing.There is many passages of him in the Quran but I will use one from the Bible.Genesis12:2,3,and 7}Immediately after the birth of Ismail a.s. Allah made a covenant with Ibrahim a.s.Ishaq a.s.was not born at that time.”Live always in my presence between myself and you and multiply your descendants” Ibrahim threw himself down on his face, and God spoke with him and said,”I make this covenant, And I make it with you: You shall be the father of a host of nations.”I will fulfill my covenant between myself and you and your descendants after you ,GENERATION after GENERATION, An EVERLASTING COVENANT TO BE YOUR GOD YOU AND YOUR DESCENDANTS AFTER YOU.{Genesis17:2,3,4,and 7. This is a very important and powerful message. There will always be one that is among us that is are leader. Are Lord would never leave us without one nor has he ever.As stated a EVERLASTING covenant Generation after Generation FOREVER.May Allah bless and forgive us all.

  • A Muslim

    Assalamo Alaykum Brothers…Very good and interesting video so far, but just a few points of note from my limited knowledge. No need to debate about Shia and Sunni at this point as unity is the most important thing right now however, I do feel it is a bit far fetched to suggest the Khalifahs and tab’een were murdered by these people, as this would clearly have been known to our Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam through wahi or to the Khalifahs through the great connection they had with Allah.

    Also, the comment about Prophet Nuh living 950/960 years is also incorrect. The quran states he was sent to his people (Dawah) for a total of 950 years, NOT lived for 950 years, infact he lived till he was 1050 years according to Ibn Katheer and according to some 1400 years.

    However this is a great set of videos, an eye opener and the most important message is for us to stay steadfast on our deen, may Allah make it easy for us (Aameen)

  • ibn muhammad

    Asalamualaikum warahmatullah wa salatu wa salamu ala rasulillah wa ala ahlihi.

    the issue is not that we reject or hate the family of the prophet salalahu alahi wa salam. we love the house hold but we dont accept is the rejection or nasty statements made about the companions and aiesha,

    the hadeeth about holding on to the quran and the household is authentic and there is also an authentic hadeeth that says to hold on to the book of Allah and his sunna (his teachings)

    another thing worth mentioning is i urge the brothers in charge to abstain from background the background music, as it isnt necessary and its harram.

    and for brother AMIR have u in turn studied the lives of the other companions? Y only stick to the house hold? Allah is pleased with all of the sahabaioun and forgave all the people in badr their sins and guaranteed them janna…

    as some1 who left shia and came to the understanding of the companions said ” I GAINED THE SAHABAS AND I DID NOT LOSE THE HOUSEHOLD OF THE PROPHET SALALAHU ALAIHI WA SALAM”

    May Allah guide us all to the truth, and grant us paradise….


  • fakharoo

    i don’t believe in shia’s and sunni’s. now i am not being ignorant. i just believe that when Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was alive there was no such thing as shia’s and sunni’s there were just muslims so why is there shia’s and sunni’s today? as long as these two words exist i don’t think muslims will ever be able to unite.

  • inam

    i want to ask a question that is shouldn’t be Aisha(pbuh)be one of the 12 imams as she was i think the most religion wife of prophet(pbuh)??????????

  • ibn muhammad

    Muslims should also be aware of the status of Aiesha and all the other companions radiallahuanhum.
    it is biased to just select few of them when they are mountains to benefit from the others.

  • Sami Sayeed

    Seems this is part is so so Shi’a actually..

  • Momina

    Um personally I think this might be true, but it is not rightful to say that these 12 imams were supposed to be the first 12 caliphs, because Abu Bakr was prophet’s greatest friend and one of the first converts to Islam who strived a lot and helped the prophet in his work, so was Omar and Uthman. And islam’s principles lay on democracy, these companions of the prophet were elected, and together Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman and Ali make the only four rightly guided caliphs. Its not right for Shi’as to reject this and disrespect prophet’s beloved wife Aisha and prophet’s companions. As a muslim, I respect both prophet’s house and family, and also his wives and companions. And i also believe that Muslims, before anything else, should unite within. Seriously its the work of Satan to bring up differences between us. salams :)

  • Waleed


    The hadith about the 12 khalifa is not in anywhere interpreted the way you project it. This is a link to the hadith and many different interpretations for it

    I appreciate your efforts with regards to opening people’s eyes to see the truth, but dont take on yourself the liability of interpreting a hadith withoth having the knowledge for it, this is a HUGE responsibility. Please read the hadith and it’s interpretations. Absolutely nothing to prove your theory of who the identity of these 12 are. Some theories say that Al-Mahdy is one of them, but NOTHING proves who the rest 11 are. Please read, consult whoever Sheikhs and please correct your info. Goodluck

  • freedom

    To be honest with u I saw all episodes but still I doubted about Shiia’s genuineness,I saw how such tyrannic shiia’s rulers really undermining the roots of true ISLAM here in informed that our rulers also get their satanic power by doing many many demoniacal works for their existence.I didn’t choose to be Shiia,but by contemplating in reading the true ISLAM I’m happy to be a muslim without any suffixes or prefixes I mean just sublime to ALMIGHTY GOD.

  • mohammad

    hello friends
    in hadith jaber prophet mentioned that 12 is first 12 caliphs.
    in this time we should avoid engagement.
    we should effort for arrival imam mahdi.
    لخخي ذغث

  • niloofar

    i think our world needs change and my idea about world is this :the GOD created us for a big goal i think this world is like a puzzle and full of secret that GOD created us to figure out and find these secrets and when theses secrets and all of these secrets find is the end of worlds this film was one of the best film that i’ve ever seen we should do something for our GOD we should protect islam we should tell the world that allah is unique allah is right

  • armin from iran

    mohammad prophet doesn’t have any hadith. you have to read quran carefully.
    please read (،عنکبوت /18 ،مائده/67-99،انبیا/ 107-108،نور/54)then you can understand that mohammad prophet didn’t have let to say hadith.sorry for my poor english.

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